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Interface connectors

HARTING T1 Industrial

HARTING T1 Industrial

  • Internationally standardised mating face acc. to IEC 63171-6 (former IEC 61076-3-125)
  • For the construction of future-proof and standardised Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) communication networks with standardised cabling according to ISO / IEC 11801 and TIA 42
  • Designed for industrial applications up to M3I3C3E3 environmental conditions
  • Meets all IEEE 802.3 requirements for SPE
  • Robust industrial design with 360 ° shielding, locking lever protection and high mating cycles
HARTING ix Industrial<sup>®</sup>

HARTING ix Industrial®

  • Compact design saves space
  • Robust design
  • Data transmission up to 10 Gbit/s
  • for High Mating Cycles
  • Vibration and shock resistant
PushPull Device connectivity

PushPull Device connectivity

  • All-purpose use for data, signal and power
  • Device integration to the PCB
  • Thermoplastic or metal hoods/housings
  • IP65 / IP67
  • Intuitive locking mechanism
HARTING RJ Industrial<sup>®</sup> Ethernet data interfaces

HARTING RJ Industrial® Ethernet data interfaces

  • Data transmission up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Quick connection requires no tools
preLink<sup>®</sup> Ethernet cabling system

preLink® Ethernet cabling system

  • Replaceable mating faces on the plug ensure versatile use in future for the Ethernet cabling
  • The preLink® assembly tool ensures a reliable installation process
  • Simple and time-saving installation in confined spaces
  • Use pre-assembled cabling components for quick replacements during maintenance and upgrade
  • for use in the fields of automation, railway technology and energy
<i>har</i>-port Service interfaces

har-port Service interfaces

  • Service interfaces for commissioning and maintenance
  • Suitable for M22.5 wall cut-outs
  • Easy and quick installation using the central fastening nut
Circular connectors

Circular connectors

  • M8, M12 and 7/8"
  • All-purpose use for data, signal and power
  • Available in multiple termination techniques
  • for cable and device sides
  • With PushPull or screw termination
D-Sub Subminiature D connectors

D-Sub Subminiature D connectors

  • Interface connector
  • Standard, Power, coaxial, IP 67 and filter
  • MVB, WTB, CAN, Profibus, RS232 interfaces
  • acc. to CECC 75301-802
<i>har</i>-link<sup>®</sup> Interface connectors

har-link® Interface connectors

  • High shielding efficiency
  • Robust locking
  • for use in modern bus systems
Bus interface

Bus interface

  • Good EMC characteristics, mechanical strength and easy handling
  • MVB, WTB, CAN, FIP and Profibus interfaces
  • 360° shielding of crimping flange
  • PCB with T-bus configuration<