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Ha-VIS RFID4Rail - SLP-500, EU

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Ha-VIS RFID4Rail - SLP-500, EU

Ha-VIS RFID set, 4Rail

N.º de referencia:  20 91 104 9000

  • Element Ha-VIS RFID set
  • Specification 4Rail
  • Features
    Reliable localization of trains and platforms even in the underground
    Increase safety by platform detection to ensure only door opening on the correct side
    Transmit external signals into train by battery- and maintenance-free sensor transponders
    Robust equipment for installation in track
    Stainless steel antenna for below train installation
    Suitable for high speed, up to over 250 km/h
    Standardized system according to ISO 18000-63 and GS1® Class1Gen2
  • Packaging size 1
  • Country of origin Germany
  • European customs tariff number 85176200
  • eCl@ss 90909090 Interim classification (unspecified)